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Why Earth expansion?

Rheologic evidence of the Earth's expansion.


Ott C. Hilgenberg


Contrary to Dirac's opinion that the stars expand without changing their masses because of a gradual change of the gravitational constant, the author advocates the idea that the mass of all celestial bodies increases in the course of time. They absorb world ether which is transformed into new born matter in their interior. The evidences of the theory of relativity, e. g. the shift of the perihel of the planet Mercury, the bending of light rays passing the Sun, and the red shift of light from the Sun, are also explained from the rheologic point of view.

Key Words:  expanding earth, ether gravitation, celestial bodies mass increase

Published June 1967 by Ott C. Hilgenberg.
Uploaded to web 2015 with permission of his daughter.

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