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by Stephen W. Hurrell

Hurrell, S. (2018). A palaeogravity calculation based on weight and mass estimates of Giraffatitan (=Brachiosaurus) brancai.
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Hurrell, S. (2017). Early speculations about Earth expansion by Alfred Wilks Drayson (1827-1901) and William Thorp (1804-1860).
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Hurrell, S. (2015). Book Review of James Maxlow’s On the Origin of Continents and Oceans: A Paradigm Shift in Understanding.
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DISCUSSIONS - Stephen W. Hurrell: A new method to calculate paleogravity using fossil feathers. - See NCGT Journal; volume 2, no. 4, December 2014 p. 93, and volume 3, no. 1, March 2015 p. 65 & 68.
NCGT Journal    December 2014 & March 2015 Issue  

Hurrell, S.W. (2014). A New Method to Calculate Palaeogravity Using Fossil Feathers. NCGT Journal, v. 2, no. 3, September, 2014. p 29-34.
NCGT Journal   September 2014 Issue   Comments    Google scholar

Hurrell, S. (2014). A new method to calculate palaeogravity using fossil feathers. dinox.org.  
Abstract    Free pdf here    Supporting material here    Comments

Hurrell, S. (2012). Ancient Life’s Gravity and its Implications for the Expanding Earth. In The Earth expansion evidence – A Challenge for Geology, Geophysics and Astronomy - Selected Contributions to the Interdisciplinary Workshop of the 37th International School of Geophysics. Aracne Editrice, Roma.
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Hurrell, S. (2011). Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth. 3rd edition. ISBN: 9780952260370. Oneoff Publishing.com.
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Hurrell, S. (2003). Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth. 2nd edition. ISBN: 095226031X.  Oneoff Publishing.com.
Book details here

Hurrell, S. (2000). Carton with air pipe. GB2345688
Details here

Hurrell, S. (1999). A device for minimising liquid surging during pouring. GB2337246
Details here

Hurrell, S. (1997). Dinosaurs and gravity: revolutionary theory on why dinosaurs were so huge. EPE-CHERTSEY, 79, 95-95.
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Hurrell, S.W. (1994). Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth: One Explanation for the Gigantic Sizes of Some Pre-historic Life. 1st edition. ISBN: 0952260301. Oneoff Publishing.
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Hurrell, S.W. (1991). Three dimensional optical memory. GB2205173. Details here

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