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The Global Tectonics Program generates Plate Tectonic and Expansion Tectonics reconstructions that can be viewed on Google Earth. This allows the palaeographic reconstructions based on these two conflicting theories to be easily compared.

I originally wrote a computer program to produce Expanding Earth Reconstructions in the early 1990s and various incarnations of those reconstructions have appeared in my book, science papers and elsewhere. The program is very old now but it still managers to produce reasonable Expanding Earth reconstructions.

The program has now been updated to export the palaeographic reconstructions as Google Earth Overlays for easier viewing. Assuming you have Google Earth installed you can easily view them from this page.

If you are interested in writing your own computer program there is a page available with more technical details about my original Expanding Earth Program.

There is also a Facebook Discussion Group available to discuss the technical details of developing programs encompassing Expansion Tectonics. If you are writing your own program let us know!

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Page last updated  14 Mar 2024

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