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Hurrell, S.W. - editor (2020). The Hidden History of Earth Expansion: Told by researchers creating a Modern Theory of the Earth. ISBN:  9780952 26038 7.
Publisher details

Hurrell, S.W. (2020). Presentation: Can we calculate Palaeogravity?
Abstract (pdf)

Hurrell, S.W. (2020). Can we calculate Palaeogravity?

Hurrell, S.W. (2020). The flying ability of the pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus northropi in a reduced gravity.
Abstract & pdf

Retejum, A. J. (2020). The Expanding Earth: Indisputable Evidences of the Gobi Desert. Open Journal of Geology, 10(01), 1.
DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2020.101001
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Scalera, G. (2020). Ai sudari di Sudiro , una garbata risposta (To the shrouds of Sudiro, a polite reply)
Preprint pdf

Scalera, G. (2020). An Expanding Earth - A reply to two recent denial papers. Rendiconti online della Società Geologica Italiana.

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