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The online Wikipedia entry for the Expanding Earth has a number of clear errors but perhaps the most obvious is the incorrect statement that Charles Darwin was the first person to propose an Expanding Earth.

Wikipedia states;

"During the second voyage of HMS Beagle, in 1834–1835 Charles Darwin hypothesized that an expanding earth could explain the elevation of the landmass of South America as shown by mountain building in the Andes and stepped plains featuring raised beaches in Patagonia."

Wikipedia's entry is clearly wrong. Darwin's book describing the Voyage of the Beagle never describes any thoughts about an Expanding Earth and none of his writing ever discusses any aspect of the Expanding Earth or Continental Drift.

Darwin's essay 'Coral Islands' clearly outlines his vision that any elevation in South America must be balanced by subsidence;

"the general horizontal uplifting which I have proved ... would of necessity be compensated by an equal subsidence in some other part of the world"

These thoughts were in keeping with the theories of a static Earth generally accepted in Darwin's day. Clearly this is not Earth Expansion.

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Updated 04Feb13